The metal construction industry will recover With new projects

assets_LARGE_t_420_54167640_type12128In new projects the domestic industry of steel structures is hoping in, which, noting submerged due to the economic crisis that put “stop” in the construction industry and the building in general.

The findings come from a study of Hellastat published yesterday. Specifically stated that the growth potential of the industry is important in the coming years, as the domestic market metal structures can play a key role in the construction of houses and high-rise office buildings.

Investments PPC
Much interest in the field of steel structures has investors PPC program that will be implemented in the coming years. The plans of the Public Power Corporation include construction and development pillars power transmission networks.

According to the survey, companies in the sector showed a decrease in turnover and profits went from a loss in 2011.

Hellastat, put it in the “microscope” 76 companies in the industry outside of Metka. The balance-sheet analysis showed a 13.7% drop in turnover for the whole sample. The decline in average stood at 23.2%. The operating profit of the company slumped 42% so the final result is molded negatively and recorded a loss of € 6 million compared to earnings of EUR 14 million in 2010. The gross profit margin declined by 2.8 points to 15.1%.